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Alice to the Rescue

One day, I pulled into my local CVS (nee Eckerd’s) to stock up on “product.” As I’m parking the car, a car pulls in next to me and the man in the car walks into the store in front of me. So, as I’m following this older man, I’m thinking, “wow, that dude looks a lot like Ross Perot.” Einstein that I am, I quickly figured out that it WAS Ross Perot.

So, in true celebrity stalker fashion, I follow Ross as he shops around the store. He went to the pharmacy, talked with the tech, they walked to the shampoo aisle, and then he purchased some shampoo. Well, I’m thinking, “if I was Ross rich, I’d have someone check my “product” level on a weekly basis and re-stock as needed. Unlike my current m.o., which is turn every bottle upside down to get every single drop of product out then scurry to CVS to re-stock.

Well, god love the Internet entreprenuer. Welcome Alice is a shopping site for “product.” She tracks purchases and, based upon your usage profile (number of people in house, etc.), she notifies you when you may be running low on product and need to re-order. Ross, tell your venture arm to write a nice check!

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