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Inside the Marketing Funnel: the Content Vortex

Bill Gates may have said, “content is king,” way back in 1996, but fast forward almost two decades and we’ve arrived at the blade portion of the hockey stick graph. The field of content marketing has grown exponentially in just a few short years and the demand for content, and the upstream demand for content producers, doesn’t appear to be slowing either. According to LinkedIn, user profiles with the term “content marketing” have grown 168% in just 2 years. This demand for both b-to-b and b-to-c content has caught the attention of the c-suite and was noted in Forbes “2015 Predictions for CMOs” - “CMOs will become brand publishers.” Yes, they used the word publishers to describe a marketin

How One Brand Appeals to Three Generations

A 70-year old grandpa, a teenage girl, and a GenX woman walk into a restaurant . . . no, not the set up for a joke, but a true story. My family and I were meeting for lunch, and as we spotted each other walking across the parking lot, three of us realized we realized we were wearing the same thing! The same shoe to be exact - the classic black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Oxford – Chucks! I laughed, my dad laughed, and my niece was horrified. As a marketer, I contemplated how the 100 year-old brand could appeal to three radically different generations and personas, especially a clothing brand? Last month, Converse announced that they are introducing a new design for the Chucks. Fast Compa

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