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Digital Marketing Hierarchy of Needs

In a recent post, Finding Digital Jesus, I contemplated the notion that brands, both large and small, were (finally) fully embracing digital marketing, based on a couple data points - growth in digital budgets and staff and an observation that many senior-level digital job postings listed "new position." As brands begin to develop holistic digital strategies, most senior leaders will find a full plate of digital activities already in place. Digital marketing programs are a double-edged sword - they are easy to set up - meaning teams, with good intentions, have probably already initiated digital programs/channels. Most social media platforms, for example, only need an email and logo to start

Finding Digital Jesus

“And we’re just at the beginning!” This was the quote from the head of a digital marketing agency – just last week! This quote was made as we were reminiscing about how we got started on the digital side of marketing (both of us in 1995!) and discussing the recent “awakening” of brands to digital marketing. Three data points made me think 2015 is the year companies, big and small, get on-board with digital marketing: 1.) From Forbes, Prediction 5 – The Laggards Will Finally Adopt: “Businesses will finally wake up to the fact that social media and mobile marketing are no longer new phenomena and should be integrated right from the start of any marketing campaign or inbound initiative.” (sourc

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