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Shave and a Haircut, with a Beer and a Lollipop

A few months ago, when I lived in Texas, I remember an uproar because Six Flags was petitioning theTABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) to sell beer at the Arlington, Texas park. A group of local citizens were concerned about mixing alcohol and children. (I would be more concerned about mixing alcohol and amusement rides, but to each his own.) However, since Disney sells liquor at its parks, the request didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Plus alcohol fits more with the Six Flags brand than it does the Disney brand, anyway.

However, while visiting my new local mall, King of Prussia, I saw a “coming soon” sign on a vacant store front – it was for Six Flags’ Rollercoaster Cuts – a new children’s “salon.” This one does seem a little out of left field for Six Flags brand extension. And, for the record, the creepy old guy and children just don’t mix – more so than beer and children. Thoughts?

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